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What is Manure Spreader

Manure Spreader - Tractor Agriculture The weekend just went by and Tractor Agriculture is back this week to shower light on another topic called what is Manure Spreader.

Have you ever wondered how the fertility of soil is maintained time and again by the farmers? Continue reading

What is Tractor Chassis

What is Tractor ChassisTractor Agriculture will explain a topic called Tractor Chassis.
I used to accompany my father and enjoy the time on the fields, but alongside used to hear every tiny bit of knowledge that was imparted from him to the laborers.

I have heard a similar wording from my father and his workers in my teenage life. So, let me explain this jargon to you in a simplified manner. Continue reading

How to Fill Tractor Tires with Water and Calcium Chloride

Fill Tractor Tires with Foam and LiquidTractor Agriculture is focusing on a topic called How to Fill Tractor Tires with Water and Calcium Chloride. This question came in one of the exams I had applied after completing my bachelor’s degree. While writing, I am feeling happy alongside reviving some of my childish memories.

Now the Question arises, why do we need to add water or calcium chloride to tyres? Continue reading

How to Extend Tire Life by Few Years

How to Increase Tire LifeTractor Agriculture demonstrates a significant topic which is called How to Extend the Tire Life by few years. I saw this question asked by many laborers working in our fields and is a major issue for people engaged in agricultural tasks. Tires influence the functioning on the field area considerably. Continue reading

What is a Disc Harrow

What is a Disc HarrowTractor Agriculture clearly discovers what is a disc harrow. Let us dig more into this secondary tillage implement. I had this topic as a question in one of my class based tests and could not answer this correctly.

Now, I am in a state to gather all of my agricultural tasks in a well synchronized manner through this web blog. Continue reading

Different Types of Tractor Tires

Different types of tractor tires

Tractor Agriculture is continuing the regular updating of farming related topics. I will share a funny memory which exhibits my childish nature.

I was asked a question by class teacher i.e. What are different types of tractor tires?

I went to the farms in the evening to see the tire in reality. I saw my dad integrating the tire with the help of his friends. Continue reading

What is a Plough

PloughTractor Agriculture is going to demonstrate topic called What is a Plough inside out today. When i was 14 years old, I went with my father to the fields and saw many types of new tools.  We will today discuss about an important Agricultural Equipment which cannot be ignored.

This is going to be a single resource article having all the knowledge needed to understand this tool. Continue reading

What is a Front Axle

Today, Tractor Agriculture will focus on an important topic.

What is a Front Axle?

I was asked this question in my school days by one of my friends and could not answer at that time due to my ignorance on this subject. It is an important Tractor Part which facilitates the movement of agricultural machines on the field.

It is attached to the front side of the Tractor and is used in the process of steering the machine towards right or left. Continue reading