How to Change Tires on a Rim

By | July 21, 2014

How to Change Tires with Pictures.Tractor Agriculture will brief a topic called How to Change Tires on Rim. My Father taught me the different preventive techniques that are handy while working in farms. My keenness to learn resulted in such a plethora of knowledge inside me.

The working on farms is not an easy task and requires thorough knowledge to do the work in an apt manner. You have to be a complete farmer in all aspects i.e. you should know how to take care of your Tractor Tires, Farm Tractors, Farm Machinery and Implements. People have too many doubts in their mind like:

  • How to Change a Flat Tire
  • How often to change tires
  • When to change tires
  • The Cost to change the tires

There are different types of tractor tires available in the market and it becomes all the more important to know about different ways to take care of these big sized tires while working in the fields.

One of those learning event is being shared by me today.

There are different ways to remove or replace a tire form a wheel or a rim. Whether you need to change tires of car, trucks, tractor etc, these tips will prove to be useful. Let us learn the apt technique to change tires and then precautions that needs to be taken while removing tyres.

How and When to Change Tires

The changing of tires can be done easily at home or any place. This is not a rocket science and changing tires is a very easy work routine. Let us learn different steps required to change tires:

  • Firstly, you should loosen the nuts of the tyre so that it can be removed easily.
  • The Wedges should be placed before and after the rest of 3 wheels so that vehicle stays in a stationary position and is not able to move while changing tires.
  • The jack should be fixed up and vehicle needs to be lifted to such a height that its wheels are free from the ground.
  • The loosened nuts should be removed and then wheels can be removed afterwards.
  • The wheels should be kept flat on the ground and then it should be deflated. The deflation of wheels should happen after the removal of valve through a valve die.
  • The tyre should be hammered so that is free from beads.
  • Then, the tyre lever should be pressed between bead of tyre and rim flange.
  • Now, another tyre lever should be pressed in the same manner but little away from the first lever.
  • Press both levers downwards. As a result, some portion of tyre bead finally comes out of the rim.
  • The first lever should be pulled out and inserted again little distance away from the second lever.
  • Repeat these steps of changing lever positions until the tire comes out of the rim.
  • If tyre needs to be replaced, then repeat the above steps for removing beads one by one. If tube needs to be replaced, just fix the new tube inside.

Preventions needed to Change Tires

The basic steps to change tire has been explained above. There are few precautions that have to be followed while changing tires.

  • The levers should not be sharp. The reason to avoid sharpness of reasons is that tube might get cut during the process.
  • While changing tires, put little French chalk inside the tyre. It works as a lubricant.
  • Sometimes, tyre bead may get stuck on rim due to rusty rim. Do not apply extra force. In this case, you should put little water on tyre bead and leave it for 20 minutes and then again try.
  • Always put few lbs of air inside the tube before fixing bead of tyre. This air prevents the cutting of tube and keeps it away from lever and rim.
  • While inflating tyres, you should ensure that the tire is resting nicely on the rim flange. This setting is very important for heavy duty vehicles especially Tractor Tires.
  • After the steps to change tires have been completed, you should tighten the nuts and only then remove the jack.
  • After removing the Jack, the nuts should be tightened again for safety.
  • The Wheel Nuts should be checked mire often in new vehicles i.e. after every few hundred kms. The reason for regular checking in case of new vehicles is that wheel nuts might become loose due to the paint.

Tractor Agriculture has given a simplified approach towards steps needed to change tires. Keep yourself updated as we are going to publish Agricultural Implements based topics in the upcoming articles.

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