What is Manure Spreader

By | July 29, 2014

Manure Spreader - Tractor Agriculture The weekend just went by and Tractor Agriculture is back this week to shower light on another topic called what is Manure Spreader.

Have you ever wondered how the fertility of soil is maintained time and again by the farmers?

Human body suffers from lots of deficiencies and to overcome these shortcomings we take medicines. On the same lines, Fertilizer is applied to the soil when it gets deficient of vital nutrients.

These nutrients can be plant, food elements or any other type of deficiency. They are very important step in the process of Agriculture.

These fertilizers also known as Agricultural Equipments provide the fertility to the soil. It has been observed that manure spreader of correct type should be used to get higher yield in an agricultural farm. They are also used in liquid forms.

The Farm Tractors come in handy while performing these tasks.

There are different types of fertilizers used nowadays:

  1. Composed Manure
  2. Granulated Fertilizer
  3. Liquid Fertilizer
  4. Gaseous Fertilizer

Different types of Manure Spreader

Manure Spreader is fertilizer equipment which is used for transferring barnyard manure, composed manure from the store to the fields. It is then uniformly spread in partial pulverized form on to the soil. There are mainly 2 types of manure spreader categories in tractor supply domain.

  • Tractor Based
  • Ground Based

Let us understand their working step by step.

The power that is used in Tractor Driven Manure Spreader is taken from P.T.O shaft of a tractor which usually runs at 540 rpm. It drives a shaft fitted on the side of container and ultimately it drives gearbox fitted at the rear side.

Generally, 4 rives are taken from the gearbox.

  • First drive is used for upper beater.
  • Second drive is used for lower beater.
  • The third drive is used for feed conveyor.
  • The last drive is used to drive the spreader itself.

The apron or feed conveyor chain conveys the manure from the front part of the container to the rear side for the purpose of regular spreading on the farm. It runs at speed of 1 to 4 rpm. The gear shifting arrangement facilitates the speed adjustment. Stop pawl is used for control feed rate.

Feed is used to raise the rocket arm and it makes the feed pawl well engaged with teeth on ratchet wheel. As and when the ratchet wheel turns, the feed conveyor shaft turns accordingly.

Manure Spreader Parts

Most manure spreader varieties generally consist of below listed parts:

  • Upper Beater
  • Lower Beater
  • Spreader

Now, let us understand these parts briefly.

The upper beater is placed at the top slightly in front of the lower beater. The main function of upper beater is to beat or tear apart the large flakes so that they are easily pulverized.

The lower beater is placed at the lower portion and its working is similar to the upper beater. This beater runs in the opposite direction to the main wheel.

Nowadays, most of the manure spreaders are equipped with spreaders to spread the manure which is broken by the beaters in wide variety of ranges. It has spiral auger like blades where half of the blade is angled to turn the manure to the right side and other side is shaped to turn the manure to the left side.

Ground Based Spreaders

These types of spreaders get the drive from the wheel of spreader. Their working is same as tractor driver spreader. Here, separate fertilizer distributors are available in which the fertilizer is forced out with the help of a propeller having a number of blades.

The quantity of fertilizer that needs to be applied is adjusted by shifting the slide feed plate. This can be operated with the help of a lever.

Granulated Fertilizer Equipment

These Agricultural equipments are very popular nowadays and are available in different types of models to suit any soil type. These are also known as chemical fertilizer.

While using these fertilizers, the seeds and fertilizer are never allowed to keep contact with each other. If seed comes in contact with the fertilizer, it will delay the germination of seeds. Keeping this issue in mind, these equipments are designed scientifically.

To apply granulated fertilizer, different types of methods are used:

  • Seed cum fertilizer drill is used.
  • Hill dropping attachment is used.
  • The Broadcast Spray is used.

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