Types of Tractors

By | June 30, 2014

Types of TractorsTractor Agriculture will respond to a very specific topic this week. As we all know, there are different Types of Tractors available in the market. We feel there should be a single resource which explicates these machines relying upon the division points.

Learn and understand the history of this Agricultural Machine by going though this article.

What is a Tractor?

Do you know how this word came into realization? The word Tractor was derived from 2 words i.e. Traction and Motors. The word Trac was derived from Traction and the remaining word tor was derived from motor.

In the earlier part of eighteenth century, such machines were used for Traction purpose and were aptly called Traction Motors.

In the beginning of nineteenth century, the real form of Tractors was introduced when a 3 Wheel Tractor was launched to be used commercially. The Tractor is an agriculture machine which can either push or pull agricultural implements in farm fields.

The increase in population and rise in hunger ratio among people in different parts of this world has lead to the need for efficient Farming machines. The bulk crop cannot be produced unless we have efficient machines and Tractor is one such invention which accelerates the farm production.

Types of Tractors as per their application

These Farm Machines are of great importance and let us find out different types of Tractors according to their classifications.

The Tractor Types can be classified into 3 major divisions namely:

  • Type of Construction
  • Type of Drive
  • The Purpose for which the usage is done

The First type is Construction type and it is further divided into 2 types.

i) First type is the Tractor in which the driver can easily sit and drive the machine.

ii) The Second type is the Tractor in which the operator walks along side and it is also called as Walking Type Tractor.

The Second type depends upon the type of drives i.e.

  • Track Type
  • Wheel Type

Tracked Type has Half Track and Full track types of tractors.

Wheel type is sub divided into i) 2 Wheeler or Two Wheeled ii) Three Wheeler or 3 Wheeled and iii) Four Wheeler types of tractors.

Track Type Tractors

In these types of Tractors, instead of wheels one track is fitted on either side. This track gets drive from the sprocket run by real axle shaft. To steer the Tractor, there is no steering gear fitted. Here, the machine is steered by applying brakes to one side of the track while the other track is in motion.

Half Track Type

In these types of Tractors, a small track chain is fitted at the rear end only while tyres are fitted at the front axle. Track Type Tractors are generally used for reclaiming barren lands and are not much used for Agricultural tasks.

These machines are fitted with tracks in such a way that the contact area with ground is larger and facilitates in increased traction power. These machines are very useful in dams and in areas where earth moving tasks are required.

Wheel Type Tractors

Their primary usage is in Agricultural tasks. They have fast running speed and the fitted tyres are able to absorb certain amount of field shock too.

The domain of use for these machines can be classified into small farms, hilly regions and for general gardening purpose.

Three Wheel or Tricycle Type

Three Wheeled Tractors were very popular 20 years back but now they have been replaced by Four Wheelers. They had single or dual wheel fitted at front end and were considered apt for moving around shorter turns.

The Types of Tractors in third classification depend upon the purpose for which they are used. They are further divided into broad categories listed below:

  1. Utility Tractors
  2. Row Crop Tractor
  3. Orchard Type
  4. Industrial Tractor
  5. Garden Tractor
  6. Rotary Tillers
  7. Implement Carrier
  8. Earth Moving Tractors

Utility Tractor is general purpose machine and is designed for ploughing and driving any other equipment through its drive and is considered good for such farms where farmer cannot afford more machines to perform specific jobs.

Row Crop Tractor

This is an all round machine and is designed in such a way that it meets all the Agricultural demands like Ploughing, Harrowing, Levelling, Pulling Seed Drills, Weed Control, running different machines like Water Pumps, Threshers using belt pulley.

They have the below listed attributes:

  • They have greater ground clearance.
  • They have good row spacing provision.
  • They are easy to steer and can nicely take shorter turns.
  • These machines are user friendly and are easy to drive.
  • The attachment and detachment of Agricultural Implements is a quick and easy process with these machines.
  • There is a provision for power take off drive too.
  • A power lift is provided for heavy lifting or for lowering agricultural implements.

Orchard Type

These special type Farm machines are only used in Orchards. These Tractors have big height so that while sitting on the Tractor the Driver can easily pluck the fruits or the trees can easily be trimmed. There is no part of this machine outside the surface and this allows easy passage in between the trees.

Industrial Type

The Industrial Type machines are also called as Tuggers. They are useful in pulling loads and are fitted with crane boom for easy lifting of loads.

Garden Type

These machines fall in the power range of 1 to 10 HP (Horse Power) and have very small construction size. They are mostly used for Grass Cutting or for making Flower Beds in the garden. The wheels fitted to such machines are having the size of a Scooter and have a thicker depth.

Rotary Tillers

They fall under the category of Walking Type Tractors and are used in small fields or on hills where fields are smaller in size and are at different height levels. Here, Ordinary equipment cannot work efficiently. Blades are fitted to the tillers for the purpose of preparing seed beds efficiently by pulverizing the content of soil.

Implement Carrier

In these types of Tractors, there is an extended chassis frame between the front and rear tyres where all the implements like Seed Drills, Fertilizer, Drill, Duster, Sprayer, Rotary Sweeper, Loader, and platforms can be easily mounted.

Earth Moving Tractors

These Farm Machines are heavy in weight and quite strong. They are available in both track and tyre type varieties. Their primary usage is for doing earth moving work on dams, quarries and different types of constructional works.

Tractor Agriculture leaves no stone unturned to showcase tightly knit information on relevant topics. These different types of tractors will give you a better idea of different machines that are being used worldwide.

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